Friday, July 14, 2006

Today it's Bastille Day, let's share

Today is Bastille day in Paris. I'm lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of this city at night, especially yesterday night when fireworks gave the Eiffel Tower a special touch. So let's take a break and enjoy Flickr, one of the most remarkable Web 2.0 killer app not only because of the contributions volume it enjoys and its reach, but also because it's a brilliant demonstration of how a web service can morph into unexpected new applications. It did strike me when France was under the pressure of major social movements back last year. A huge number of demonstration participants used their digital cameras and mobile phones to upload Flickr with insiders views of what was going on. Suddenly, Flickr transitioned from a shared tagged photo feed to a trusted information source.
As debate was going on in the news about the protest nature and the footprint, visual individual contributions - not only photos but videos as well by the way- became voice of the people.
Allons enfants ... Let's share

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Enjoy the fireworks!