Monday, November 21, 2011

Productivity Future Vision: do you like this future world?

You should take the time to review this video -- produced by Microsoft -- and immerse you in this future world we are presented here.  In the beginning I was attracted but after a while I felt a bit oppressed and I guess the absence of true emotions is the reason why. You never hear anyone speak truly and the visuals are very clean, so cold.

Some ideas are very interesting but companies putting together such tentatively inspirational videos should pay attention to emotions as this is fully part of the customer experience... more, it is center stage.


You can see more of videos I've noticed about the future ergonomics in my future playlist on youtube.


jason walker said...

Horrid, functional, lack of emotion, cold, uncaring...that's the world on the video.

Please don't let life get like that.

Emmanuel Obadia said...

I tend to agree with you. Let's make sure we value people, emotions and that technology can help enrich our relationships not the other way around.

How this video reflects on the brand envisioned customer experience is also interesting. Given your reaction, I would not put it in the positive bucket.